EGJUG Meeting: FCI Zagazig University


Place: Zagazig University, Faculty of computers and Information

Date: Saturday 17 November 2007

Time: 1:00 PM

Session Title: Java for .net Developers

Speaker: Ahmed Hashim 

Session Title: Open Source Software

Speaker: Ahmed Hashim 



Please repeat this at Assiut

I think I was the only Java developer in Assiut and when I graduated I think there are NO Java developers in Assiut

All Assiut FCI students are .NET

Hello Hashem

Zagazig is not the only university where they have limitied java knowledge.

I know for a fact that this is problem is at least in Computer Engineering and Computer Science faculties at Cairo University, and the same in Ein Shams too. Please let's arrange for such events in other universities


Ahmed Talaat

EGJUG is ready to go to any place.

Please contact me offline hashim {at} to arrange such events.

I would like to start with Universities in Cairo ... then other cities.

Guys, if you can be a speaker at any of the events please tell us.

Ahmed Hashim hashimblog/

Assalamo 3alaykom

First of all you are welcomed at FCI-ZU at any time. I am a teaching assistant in computer science department-faculty of computers and informatics-Zagazig University. In fact a remarkable migration started about two years ago towards Java technology. Previously .NET technologies were dominating  almost every thing.  This session will be an excellent step ISA in this way. I am ready to introduce any help. Thanks again and if I can do anything please e-mail me at or just call me on 0124471716.

                                        Haitham Gamal

                                     Teaching Assistant

                                            FCI - ZU