JDC Presentations


EJB3 Resources by Raghu Kodali

The JDC presentations are attached


I was wondering if Roumen can present NetBeans 6 may be in the Next JDC using no hands ;)read Roumen comment about his Netbeans Presentation.
it is the first Comment on this post 
Thanx Alot Roumnen really it was the best Session on this day, you have a sense of humore and your session was very interactive.Thanx Roumen,

  Ali Abdel-Aziz Ali
Software Engineer/OpenCraft

I will try to learn to present without my hands, but I cannot promis I that will be ready when NetBeans 6 is out :) Maybe I could do a demo which is driven by voice :D I hope to come again, I'll try to persuade my boss to buy me a ticket to Cairo when NB 6 is out!

Dear Ahmed,

Kindly can you attach the rest presentations of the jdc please?


Doaa Khalil

Java Developer