First Meeting Minutes


Dear All,

First I'd like to thanks all members come to our first meeting which was so wonderful from them. Specially for people who came from Alexandria specially to attend the meeting.

The meeting start at 12:30 and ends about 3:30 PM.

We discussed the meeting agenda as supposed and while talking about the Egjug Goals , members give us a new suggestions specially in the Meetings & Events.

There was an actions for this meeting:-

*There will be another meeting Saturday 20 May 2006.

*Start Planning for a technical session/event to be held in Saturday 17 June 2006. We have to select the speacker(s) and topic(s) by the next meeting.

*There will be a contribution from [Ahmed Saad|user/101] to enhance the Egjug Website Layout.

*[Tamer Salama|user/258] will try to find a free chat box to add to Egjug.

*Create a posting policy and guide lines.

After we finish the meeting we take some photos: 

Shimaa, Abeer and Mohamed Kamel were not in the pics.


Really, It was a great meeting, and I hope that all members attend the next meetings. It is nice to hear from Java experts like Tamer Salama, and others. Best wishes, Shimaa

Thanks for all friends

Abeer El Sayed

Shimaa Mahmoud

Tamer Salama

Ahmed Saad

Ahmed Abo Raya

Ahmed El Aswani :)

Mostafa Abd El Malek

Mohamed Kamel

Ahmed Hashim

Are those all the guys who attended?

and what's your problem with that? maybe you should take a hike to here next time =P

Have i said that I have a problem ?!

It is just that i didn't expect that only 8 persons will attend. Well, at least we can consider this as a start.

Yes Kestrel, it was a great meeting.

Actually there are many members tried to come but there was more than event on the same day like Linux seminar and Life Maker meeting.

I expect that many members will attend the next one, specially because they may be a surprises Smiley

Ahmed Hashim