any recommended guides to prepare 4 SCJP?


Assalamu 3alikom,

please, anyone knows good resources (pdfs, books and bookstores to buy from...)

as study guide for the SCJP?

i've pdfs for a good guide; The Complete Java 2 Certification Guide, but it's an old version, so i asked for the newer edition (5th edition) in many bookstores but it's not found, and i can't buy it online..

so is there any bookstore where i can find the 5th edition, or anything else to study from?



al salamo 3alykom whats scjp u r preparing ??? if u need the latest guide for scjp5.0 

URL has been removed by Ahmed Hashim because it is not legal to link to unlicensed things.

but if you preparing scjp1.4 u have to to go through kathy sierra book for scjp1.4 its availble anywhere  GOOD LUCK WITH scjp5.0

Thanks, but should i feel guilty if i downloaded this book (for free).

Dont worry i bought the original book from amazom and use its CD to get the ebook version to share it between  my friends in arab world ,coz it was expensive and rarely ,,,,,hurry up and go for scjp5.0 its the tiger version which have alot of tricks......GOODLUCK

Thanks, i'll download it...

i need this ebook for important please

hi, i think it's better that link is removed,

i also deleted the rar file i've downloaded before becoz it's illegal to have this copy,

it's all thanks to eng Ahmad Hashim who reminded me it's illegal whatever my execuses  Smiley,

good luck anyway Smiley


Try this guide

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