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Some Cool Things in Lucee

Thu, 2015-10-22 10:31

I really haven’t spoken much about Lucee since the initial announcement a few months back. It seems like a lot of “things” are going on, and frankly, I figured I’d just see where things settle down later this year. It just so happened that I ended up on the cfapplication doc for Lucee and I was pretty surprised by what I saw. Here are some of the cool things Lucee is doing with applications versus ColdFusion. This probably isn’t everything, but here is what I found and what I thought was cool or interesting.

By the way, just in case it isn’t obvious – this list comes from the documentation for the cfapplication tag and is presented as arguments for the tag. Each of these works as “this” scope values in App.cfc too. That is implied, but it may not be obvious from the docs themselves.

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