Java Quiz: Passing Objects to Constructors

Java Lobby Announcements - Thu, 2016-05-12 04:01
Last Week's Quiz

Here's the answer to last week's quiz:

  • Line 03- "x" is a static variable which belongs to the class not to the objects.

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James Gosling on Oracle, Once Again

Java Lobby Announcements - Wed, 2016-05-11 23:40

A recent Java Council podcast moderated by Java Champion and Virtual JUG leader Simon Maple brought together a collection of familiar and high-profile Java community members that included Trisha Gee (Java Champion, JUG leader), Martijn Verburg (Java Champion, London JUG), Reza Rahman (Java EE Guardians, Philadelphia JUG), and the "Father of Java" James Gosling. Rahman and Gosling were given most of the hour, where Rahman's questions centered around the continuing efforts of the Java EE Guardians and Gosling was asked several thoughts about Oracle.

Listening to Gosling speak about Java is both fascinating and at least somewhat sad, as Gosling's concern for the fate of his legacy seems palpable through his word choice and delivery. This obviously wasn't the first time that Gosling has been asked to publicly share his thoughts on the state of Java and Oracle, but in this case, he did take the opportunity to clarify some past comments in order to clear up the depth of his disappointments. 

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Sensor-2-Server Access Layer | @ThingsExpo #IoT #IIoT #M2M #API

JDJ - Wed, 2016-05-11 22:00
The idea of comparing data in motion (at the sensor level) to data at rest (in a Big Data server warehouse) with predictive analytics in the cloud is very appealing to the industrial IoT sector. The problem Big Data vendors have, however, is access to that data in motion at the sensor location. In his session at @ThingsExpo, Scott Allen, CMO of FreeWave, will discuss how as IoT is increasingly adopted by industrial markets, there is going to be an increased demand for sensor data from the outermost (access) layer of the network.

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Adobe Bronze Sponsor of @CloudExpo | @Adobe #AdobeB2B #DigitalMarketing

JDJ - Wed, 2016-05-11 21:00
SYS-CON Events announced today that Adobe has been named “Bronze Sponsor” of SYS-CON's 18th Cloud Expo, which will take place on June 7-9, 2016, at the Javits Center in New York, New York. Adobe is changing the world though digital experiences. Adobe helps customers develop and deliver high-impact experiences that differentiate brands, build loyalty, and drive revenue across every screen, including smartphones, computers, tablets and TVs. Adobe content solutions are used daily by millions of companies worldwide-from publishers and broadcasters, to enterprises, marketing agencies and household-name brands. Building on its established design leadership, Adobe enables customers not only to make great content, but to manage, measure and monetize it for maximum impact.

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Addteq to Exhibit at @DevOpsSummit | @Addteq @Atlassian #DevOps

JDJ - Wed, 2016-05-11 19:00
SYS-CON Events announced today that Addteq will exhibit at SYS-CON's @DevOpsSummit at Cloud Expo New York, which will take place on June 7-9, 2016, at the Javits Center in New York City, NY. Addteq is one of the top 10 Platinum Atlassian Experts who specialize in DevOps, custom and continuous integration, automation, plugin development, and consulting for midsize and global firms. Addteq firmly believes that automation is essential for successful software releases. Addteq centers its products and services around this fundamentally unique approach to delivering complete software release management solutions. With a combination of Addteq's services and our extensive list of partners, we believe that we can provide the best solutions to fit your business. Locations include our Headquarters in Princeton, NJ with additional offices in Los Angeles, CA and Pune, India.

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Security Update for IntelliJ-Based IDEs v2016.1 and Older Versions

Java Lobby Announcements - Wed, 2016-05-11 16:53

We have just released an important update for all IntelliJ-based IDEs. This update addresses critical security vulnerabilities inside the underlying IntelliJ Platform. The vulnerabilities, in various forms, are also present in older versions of the IDEs; therefore, patches for those are also available.

While we have had no reports of any active attacks against these vulnerabilities, we strongly recommend for all users to install the update as soon as possible.

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Comparing Golang with Java

Java Lobby Announcements - Wed, 2016-05-11 14:18

First of all I would like to make a disclaimer. I am not an expert in Go. I started to study it a few weeks ago, thus the statements here are kind of first impressions. I may be wrong in some of the subjective areas of this article. Perhaps I will write a review of this one later. But until then here it is, and if you are a Java programmer you are welcome to see my feelings and experiences and more than welcome to comment and correct me if I am wrong in some statements.

Golang Is Impressive

As opposed to Java, Go is compiled to machine code and is executed directly. Much like C. Because this is not a VM machine it is very much different from Java. It is object oriented and at the same time functional to some extent thus it is not just a new C with some automated garbage collection. It is somewhere between C and C++ if we think the world of programming languages is linear, which it is not. Using a Java programmer’s eyes, some things are so much different that learning them is challenging and may give a deeper understanding on programming language structures and how objects, classes and all these things are … even in Java.

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Why InputStream Design Is Wrong

Java Lobby Announcements - Wed, 2016-05-11 14:03

It's not just about InputSteam, this class is a good example of a bad design. I'm talking about three overloaded methods read(). I've mentioned this problem in Section 2.9 of Elegant Objects. In a few words, I strongly believe that interfaces must be "functionality poor." InputStream should have been an interface in the first place and it should have had a single method read(byte[]). Then if its authors wanted to give us extra functionality, they should have created supplementary "smart" classes.

                 A Serious Man (2009) by Coen Brothers          

This is how it looks now: 

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A JavaFX HelloWorld Using Java 9’s Project Jigsaw in 60 Seconds

Java Lobby Announcements - Wed, 2016-05-11 13:54

By now you’ve probably have heard of Java 9’s new module system a.k.a. project Jigsaw. If you don’t know about Java 9’s new module system, you should visit Mark Reinhold’s paper on The State of the Module System. Also, you should check out @nipafx Nicolai Parlog’s excellent blog at There he goes into great detail about Java 9’s new module system and many scenarios.

In this article I will attempt to show you how to create a JavaFX Helloworld application using Java 9’s module system in 60 seconds.

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Singletons Are Fine

Java Lobby Announcements - Wed, 2016-05-11 10:49

This one’s gonna be short. Honestly, I don’t know how last week’s article about static methods went so long.

Singletons get a bad rap, being called Anti-patterns, and for good reason. The biggest reason given against Singletons is that they’re global state, which is bad. If you want a stateful “Singleton”, there are ways to restrict the application to only having a single instance, even if the class can have multiple instances. While this still largely equates to global state, at least it opens up the possibility of test doubles and makes the “Singleton” itself that much easier to test.

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Scatter-Gather Using Spring Reactor Core

Java Lobby Announcements - Wed, 2016-05-11 09:56

I have had a good working experience using the Netflix Rx-Java libraries and have previously blogged about using Rx-Java and Java 8 CompletableFuture for scatter-gather kind of problems. Here I want to explore applying the same pattern using the Spring Reactor Core library.

If you are familiar with Netflix Rx-Java, you already know Spring Reactor Core. The API's map beautifully, and I was thrilled to see that the Spring Reactor team has diligently used Marble diagrams in their Javadoc API's

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Spring AMPQ 1.6.0 Release Candidate (and 1.5.6) Available

Java Lobby Announcements - Tue, 2016-05-10 15:47

We are pleased to announce that the Spring AMQP 1.6 release candidate (1.6.0.RC1) is now available in the spring milestone repo.

The 1.5.6 maintenance release is also available with a few bug fixes.

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Scalaz Features for Everyday Usage Part 1: Typeclasses and Scala Extensions

Java Lobby Announcements - Tue, 2016-05-10 15:16

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Most of you have probably heard of the great JavaScript book, JavaScript: The Good Parts. In the same light I'd like to show some things from Scalaz which are really great to use in everyday projects, without having to dive into the (at least for me) scary inner workings of Scalaz. For this first part we'll dive into a number of useful typeclasses. In future parts we'll look at stuff like Monad Transformers, Free Monads, Validation etc.

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OO Design Is More About ‘Doing’ Than ‘Being’

Java Lobby Announcements - Tue, 2016-05-10 14:31

One of the most profound insights I have learned about OO is that class design—the shaping of classes & types—is best informed by what processing needs to do, rather than the ‘kind’ of entities it goes between.

What we are talking about here is behavior, rather than trying to categorize entities at rest. Program code only acts by being executed; classes & interfaces (types) are a mechanism to dispatch that execution to specific methods.

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Restful Java Metering by Dropwizard Metrics

Java Lobby Announcements - Tue, 2016-05-10 14:01

We saw how we can do the restful Java Metering using Jersey event listeners (Read here) in one of our earlier article.

Here we are going to see how to use Dropwizard Metrics framework to do the metering of our restful resource methods. Dropwizard Metrics is using Jersey events listeners internally to achieve this. They have provided nice wrapper and lots of plug-in to gather the performance of each resource methods without much effort.

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Gson: Deserialization of Generic Types

Java Lobby Announcements - Tue, 2016-05-10 12:31

Let's imagine that we are developing a wrapper library for an API, which returns JSON documents as a response. And there are many endpoints that have similar structures, except some fragment and may have a different structure. 

Let's go ahead with a simple example. This is what some personal data could look like:

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The Impact of #DigitalTransformation | @ThingsExpo #BigData #IoT #IIoT #M2M

JDJ - Tue, 2016-05-10 12:30
Digital transformation is a revenue growth engine according to fifty futurists we surveyed. Many companies are already experiencing significant benefits and gaining competitive advantages. The futurists predicted the top five impacts of digital transformation on businesses by the year 2020 will be: Speed to market, Competitive positioning, Revenue growth, Productivity, and New distribution channels.

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Is Polyglot Programming Practical?

Java Lobby Announcements - Tue, 2016-05-10 09:01

I recently received an email from a well-known consulting firm that said, in essence, “You're a polyglot programmer, we're looking for those, let's talk.”

I can see where they got that impression. In the last three years, I've worked with Java, JavaScript, Scala, Ruby, Python, Clojure, and SQL. In my 30+ year career, I've worked with over 15 languages. And there are a half-dozen more that I haven't used professionally. But why would a recruiter look for that?

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Evaluating a Software Asset | @CloudExpo #Cloud #DigitalTransformation

JDJ - Tue, 2016-05-10 09:00
Are you evaluating a software asset for a potential purchase, investment, decision making for the future, possible termination, etc? Here are some questions to consider. Is this a revenue generating asset? How much revenue does it generate? - Establishing the true business value of a software asset is a critical piece of the evaluation process.

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The Cloud Isn't Cool Anymore | @CloudExpo #IoT #DigitalTransformation

JDJ - Tue, 2016-05-10 08:30
If the cloud was once (ever) bleeding edge, now the cloud is sheer necessity for anyone doing anything on the Internet. It has changed the way we architect applications, build IT budgets, grow userbases, even write individual lines of code. As the Internet continues to lambdify, cloud services will become more specialized; but for now, how can you take advantage of the granularity, elasticity and pre-baked-ness of modern cloud services? And, on the flip side, as your applications expand outside blade-boxes and even beyond individual data centers, how do you design applications that treat network links like second generation buses that won’t get hung up if a service a continent away just isn’t working? And what about the applications that store sensitive data on machines whose geolocation and hardware configuration is unknown?

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