Spring Cloud Camden SR1 is Available

Java Lobby Announcements - Thu, 2016-10-27 10:01

Welcome to the new service release of the Spring Cloud Camden Release Train. Camden.SR1 can be found in our Spring Release repository or in Maven Central. You can check out the Camden release notes for more information.

Highlights of the Camden SR1 Release Train

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Karaf Features and OSGi Services: A Bundle

Java Lobby Announcements - Thu, 2016-10-27 09:01

After finishing a pair of articles last week on Karaf features, I felt that I had done a poor job of explaining the context in which all of this bundling and featurizing was taking place. Instead I pretty much started in the middle, assuming the existence of OSGi bundles with proper manifests, all snug in their Maven repositories.

So I'm going to correct that and at the same time illustrate another cool OSGi technology: declarative services. To do that will take some time and will require help from a detailed example.

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Database CRUD Operations in Java 8 Streams

Java Lobby Announcements - Thu, 2016-10-27 07:31

The biggest obstacle to overcome when starting out with a new tool is to get your head around how to do the little things. By now, you might feel confident in how the new Java 8 Stream API works, but you might not have used it for database querying yet. To help you get started creating, modifying and reading from your SQL database using the Stream API, I have put together this quick start. Hopefully, it can help you take your streams to the next level!


Speedment is an Open Source toolkit that can be used to generate Java entities and managers for communicating with a database. Using a graphical tool, you connect to your database and generate a complete ORM tailored to represent your domain model. But Speedment is not only a code generator, but also a runtime that plugs into your application and makes it possible to translate your Java 8 streams into optimized SQL queries. That is the part that I will focus on in this article.

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How to Become a Competent (Java) Developer

Java Lobby Announcements - Thu, 2016-10-27 06:31

For the past couple of years, government and societies have been trying to make “Geek” cool again. Presidents and prime ministers are recommending that computer programming be part of schools’ curriculum. Politics aside, becoming a competent programmer today is more challenging than ever. Just being an introvert genius no longer suffices.

Companies and organizations are looking for people with cognitive skills to add to their technical abilities. It is difficult to put a number on this as it is very company-dependent, but the 70/30 rule could be applied here. That means that people should possess roughly 70% technical skills and 30% soft (cognitive) skills. A “hardcore” developer hardly moves into management if he/she lacks the soft skills required. I have managed many teams across multiple verticals and developed some job descriptions and career progression paths along the way that are in use in some of the largest companies in the world. Let’s try to sum up a few aspects of what seems to be the pattern when companies are recruiting or promoting.

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WebRTC and #IoT with @MatrixDotOrg | @ThingExpo #RTC #UCaaS #WebRTC

JDJ - Wed, 2016-10-26 23:00
"Matrix is an ambitious open standard and implementation that's set up to break down the fragmentation problems that exist in IP messaging and VoIP communication," explained John Woolf, Technical Evangelist at Matrix, in this interview at @ThingsExpo, held Nov 4–6, 2014, at the Santa Clara Convention Center in Santa Clara, CA.

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[panel] #BigData and #DevOps | @CloudExpo #MachineLearning #Blockchain

JDJ - Wed, 2016-10-26 22:00
DevOps is being widely accepted (if not fully adopted) as essential in enterprise IT. But as Enterprise DevOps gains maturity, expands scope, and increases velocity, the need for data-driven decisions across teams becomes more acute. DevOps teams in any modern business must wrangle the ‘digital exhaust’ from the delivery toolchain, "pervasive" and "cognitive" computing, APIs and services, mobile devices and applications, the Internet of Things, and now even blockchain. In this power panel at @DevOpsSummit 19th Cloud Expo, moderated by DevOps Conference Chair Andi Mann, panelists will explore this emerging use of Big Data generated by the digital business to complete the DevOps feedback loop, and inform operational and application decisions.

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Why I'm Using Java EE (Instead of Spring)

Java Lobby Announcements - Wed, 2016-10-26 11:31

Just recently, after one of my sessions at JavaDay Kyiv, I was asked by an attendee what the reasons were for my use of Java EE. In the session, I mentioned that in the past, I was also a heavy user of Spring.

Actually, I always enjoyed programming in Spring, and I liked the declarative programming model with annotations and the fact that the technology evolves quite fast. I used Spring up to version 4 in real-world projects, and we always tried to use the latest approaches — like @RestControllers, or Java-based configuration back then.

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This Week in Spring: Spring Cloud Camden and Using Kotlin

Java Lobby Announcements - Wed, 2016-10-26 10:01

Welcome to another installment of This Week in Spring! This week, I’ll be in Des Moines, Iowa, for the Prairie.Code conference. If you’re nearby, stop by and say hi!

As usual, we’ve got a lot to cover so let’s get to it.

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Apache Karaf Features at Startup

Java Lobby Announcements - Wed, 2016-10-26 09:01

In a previous article, I provided an introduction to how Apache Karaf uses "features" to simplify adding OSGi bundles to a container, including handling dependencies.

As discussed in that article, Karaf has its own XML format for a "feature repository," an XML file that lists one or more features. Each feature lists features or bundles that it relies on, with support for versioning. The whole thing works because Karaf can retrieve both the feature repository XML files and the OSGi bundles from a variety of sources, including Maven.

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Interview with @CaCorriere | @DevOpsSummit #DevOps #ContinuousDelivery

JDJ - Wed, 2016-10-26 09:00
What do dependency resolution, situational awareness, and superheroes have in common? Meet Chris Corriere, a DevOps/Software Engineer at Autotrader, speaking on creative ways to maximize usage of all of the above. Mark Miller, Community Advocate and senior storyteller at Sonatype, caught up with Chris to learn more about what his team is up to.

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Six Daily Tips for #DevOps | @DevOpsSummit #Docker #APM #Microservices

JDJ - Wed, 2016-10-26 08:30
At its core DevOps is all about collaboration. The lines of communication must be opened and it takes some effort to ensure that they stay that way. It’s easy to pay lip service to trends and talk about implementing new methodologies, but without action, real benefits cannot be realized. Success requires planning, advocates empowered to effect change, and, of course, the right tooling. To bring about a cultural shift it’s important to share challenges. In simple terms, ensuring that everyone knows what everyone else is doing can create a real team spirit and social cohesion that will drive DevOps forward. Here are six tips that can be implemented to help you get there.

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Shades of the Single Responsibility Principle

Java Lobby Announcements - Wed, 2016-10-26 07:31

In the object-oriented world, each developer who wants to live long and prosper should know the SOLID rules. SOLID is just an acronym of basic tips for writing maintainable, readable code. We all know many developers who follow these rules. And we all know many who know them, but don't use them. And finally, plenty of programmers have heard something about SOLID, but don't bother to learn anything about it. However well we use it, we can agree that sticking to SOLID is a good practice. But there are always compromises.

In fact, in the real world, we have to know that each letter in SOLID has own shades and gradients — they are not simply white or black. In this article, I want to tell you something about the Single Responsibility Principle (SRP), which covers the first letter in our acronym. What is it?

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Parallel Database Streams Using Java 8

Java Lobby Announcements - Wed, 2016-10-26 06:31
What is a Parallel Database Stream?

With the introduction of Java 8, we got the long-awaited Stream library. One of the advantages with streams is that it is very easy to make streams parallel. Basically, we could take any stream and then just apply the method parallel() and we get a parallel stream instead of a sequential one. By default, parallel streams are executed by the common ForkJoinPool.

Parallel streams are good if the work items to be performed in the parallel stream pipelines are largely uncoupled and when the effort of dividing up the work in several threads is relatively low. Equally, the effort of combining the parallel results must also be relatively low.

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[session] #IoT and Transportation | @ThingsExpo @JAdP #M2M #Sensors

JDJ - Wed, 2016-10-26 04:45
In past @ThingsExpo presentations, Joseph di Paolantonio has explored how various Internet of Things (IoT) and data management and analytics (DMA) solution spaces will come together as sensor analytics ecosystems. This year, in his session at @ThingsExpo, Joseph di Paolantonio from DataArchon, will be adding the numerous Transportation areas, from autonomous vehicles to “Uber for containers.” While IoT data in any one area of Transportation will have a huge impact in that area, combining sensor analytics from these different areas will impact government, industry, retail and other processes, as well as life-style choices.

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Sensor Analytics Ecosystems | @ThingsExpo @JAdP #IoT #IIoT #M2M #API

JDJ - Wed, 2016-10-26 02:45
The Internet of Things (IoT), in all its myriad manifestations, has great potential. Much of that potential comes from the evolving data management and analytic (DMA) technologies and processes that allow us to gain insight from all of the IoT data that can be generated and gathered. This potential may never be met as those data sets are tied to specific industry verticals and single markets, with no clear way to use IoT data and sensor analytics to fulfill the hype being given the IoT today.

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[session] Agility for #DigitalTransformation | @CloudExpo #BigData #IoT #ML

JDJ - Tue, 2016-10-25 23:45
Successful digital transformation requires new organizational competencies and capabilities. Research tells us that the biggest impediment to successful transformation is human; consequently, the biggest enabler is a properly skilled and empowered workforce. In the digital age, new individual and collective competencies are required. In his session at 19th Cloud Expo, Bob Newhouse, CEO and founder of Agilitiv, will draw together recent research and lessons learned from emerging and established companies, providing a road map for engaging our organizations in the creation and support of digital value chains.

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Six Big Topics at @CloudExpo | #BigData #IoT #DevOps #DigitalTransformation

JDJ - Tue, 2016-10-25 14:15
As we enter the final week before the 19th International Cloud Expo | @ThingsExpo in Santa Clara, CA, it's time for me to reflect on six big topics that will be important during the show. Hybrid Cloud This general-purpose term seems to provide a comfort zone for many enterprise IT managers. It sounds reassuring to be able to work with one of the major public-cloud providers like AWS or Microsoft Azure while still maintaining an on-site presence.

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JTemplate: Template-Driven REST Services for Java

Java Lobby Announcements - Tue, 2016-10-25 12:01

JTemplate is an open-source implementation of the CTemplate templating system (aka "Mustache") for Java. It also provides a set of classes for implementing template-driven REST services in Java.

This article introduces the JTemplate framework and provides an overview of its key features.

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Getting Started With IBM WAS Liberty

Java Lobby Announcements - Tue, 2016-10-25 10:01

For a recent project requiring WebSockets and JMS, I needed to make use of IBM’s WAS Liberty Profile server, as WAS 8.5 ND only supports JEE 6. I want to share some of my learnings with you, starting with the basics: a short intro on what to expect and setting up a server.


Some highlights of WAS Liberty are:

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Simplifying Validations Using the Strategy(Enum) Pattern

Java Lobby Announcements - Tue, 2016-10-25 09:01

Let's say we're dealing with a number of input fields that require validation. The validation logic might be simple or complex, involving many different factors or parameters to validate a single field. Normally, we use a number of if...else blocks to validate each and every input field. This approach will lead to concerns regarding maintainability, readability, and extensibility. Hence, I would like to discuss the best approach using the Strategy pattern, but using Enum for the implementation. This approach was already used in one of my previous projects and proved to be useful. Let's start our discussion.

Problem Statement

Let's assume that we ask the user to provide some of his personal and bank details when he applies for a loan. Once we receive the details, we might want to validate those. In real life, it might be many more fields and more complex validations. But, for our simple example, we will take around 10 fields and will perform simple validations — like whether the fields are empty. 

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